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When you confirm your shopping cart, we’ll receive your order and text you to check it. If you confirm your order, we’ll transfer it to the warehouse for packing.

We will quote the shipping cost and send you the final invoice, when your order is packed and ready to ship.

We will send you the invoice as soon as your order is packed and we know the price of its shipping. Please pay for the order within 2 days after you get the invoice.

The minimum purchase amount is 500€ (VAT excluded), the minimum cut length is set for each fabric at 5 meters.

The defect is considered to be gross defects on the front side of the fabric, at a distance of more than 5 cm from the edges of fabric, for example, non-painting, non-printing, puffs, cuts, spots, gaps, etc.

We give away 50 cm of that fabric for every defect that we check.

For example, you order 10 meters of one specific fabric: we start to measure it and we notice one defect, so we cut 10,50 meters but we make you pay for 10 meters only. Every fabric’s cut has its own label where we write down all the info, including the defects that might be present.

Shipment is made after 100 % prepayment. You can pay as a physical or legal entity on the basis of the invoice. Payment term is 2 working days from the date of invoicing.

Payment Methods:
Banking transfer +0 %
WeTransfer / AliPay +0 %
Payment by credit card – Nexi / Stripe +3 %
PayPal +3 %

All prices on the website are indicated without VAT.

Find out if you have to pay VAT 22%:

Am I in Italy?
I always pay VAT.

Am I in the European Union (*see the list of countries)?
I do not pay VAT if I have a VAT number.
I pay VAT if I do not have a VAT number.

Am I outside the European Union?
I do not pay VAT.

Be aware!
Please keep in mind that even if you do not pay VAT when you buy fabrics, you may need to pay it in your country when you receive the goods imported from the European Union. Please check with your local customs office before placing your order.

*List of member states of the European Union:
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

We ship worldwide.

We roll one fabric on another to make the shipment cheaper. Then we pack it in thick export plastic and we take measures of its dimensions to put in our logistics aggregator to find the cheapest way to ship your goods.

We are the only company in our field who operates on the terms of INCOTERMS DAP (“Delivery at place”), which means that we take responsibility until you receive your fabrics.

We deal with deadstock fabrics to be part of the circular economy, whose goal is to decrease waste and save the environment.

We think returns are a huge waste problem and we try to avoid them.

In case we made a mistake with your order, we will totally refund the fabric’s cut we sent you.

In case we didn’t check a defect on your fabric, we will refund you the defective part of that fabric.

As refund options, you can choose your money back or a discount on your next order.

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