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We help companies in the fashion industry to supply upcycled fabrics.

Our concept is to help operators in the fashion industry to supply high-quality fabrics through a sustainable process.

We resell the fabrics already produced by luxury brands and manufacturers Made in Italy, and we put them in our network of circularity.

We give you the chance to make your company more sustainable.


Our mission is to create a network of operators in the Italian textile sector who supply materials resulting from inventories as a basis for the production of new garments.

Through this virtuous circle, where the inventories of one are the supplies of the next, the complete use of Italian textile production is achieved, eliminating waste and safeguarding the environment and local resources.

Frankinelli Fabrics’ vision is to create a world where the fashion industry supports itself through surplus fabrics obtained from overproduction and leftovers from the textile supply chain.

Thus, not only are the quality and tradition of the Italian product enhanced, but the basis for a circular economy is provided by waste-free clothing production.


deadstock & upcycling

Deadstock fabrics are leftovers of fabrics that we buy back from Italian luxury brands and factories and present on our own platform.
In Italy, the largest fashion producer in Europe and the second-largest exporter in the world, large quantities of industrial textile waste are produced every year.

We are the bridge that connects this reservoir of resources to you.


We take great care to ensure that the customer is always satisfied and for this reason we operate on the terms of INCOTERMS DAP.

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